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We have a trusted machine which is authorized to connect to a special web service on port 12345, as shown below. The web service whitelists specific clients, and only those IP addresses are allowed to connect.

[ restricted-access ]       [ trusted machine ]
[    web service    ] <===> [                 ]
[ ]       [    ]

My machine is authorized to connect to the trusted machine:

[ restricted-access ]       [ trusted machine ]           [    my box   ]
[    web service    ] <===> [                 ] <--ssh--> [             ]
[ ]       [    ]           [ ]

I have a script foo.rb which tries to connect to It fails, since I'm not authorized to connect to directly. Only the trusted box at can do this.

How do I set up an SSH tunnel so that the script can successfully make the connection?

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What will you be using to connect? Putty? Or SSH on a terminal? – Nick Oct 8 '10 at 17:24
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Figured it out. I used:

ssh -f -N -L

I then edited my hosts file so that requests to go the proxy. Crude but effective.

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