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I would like to display 0.37 as 37¢, in Excel. I can do .37¢ with the format .00¢, but 00¢ doesn't work, cause it works with the whole number part.

I know the percentage sign works with the next two digits, like I would like to do, so maybe there is a way to do a percentage formatting, and have a different character in place of the percent sign?

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How about multiplying your value by 100, then using your format with a space in place of the decimal point. Of course, you'd have to remember that all of your values are now in cents instead of dollars and fractions of dollars.

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You can use a formula with an IF to check for values greater (or less than) 1.

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What about this


for the Cell Format?

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I missed what you were asking. – dbasnett Oct 8 '10 at 15:10
It still shows the decimal point. Thanks though – apeterson Oct 8 '10 at 15:11
Searching I did not find a solution that was just the format. – dbasnett Oct 8 '10 at 15:31

I made different options for you. can use any one my brother:





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This worked for me:

e.g. Set the cell alignment text control to wrap text and add this custom number format:

0.#0 ¢ 

the value 0.0135 is displayed as:

| 1.35 ¢ |  <--visible in cell
  %         <--wrapped out-of-sight

In order to type the ¢ character type ALT+0162 and for the [cr] character type ctrl-j, so:

0.#0 ALT+0162 ctrl-j %
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Add another column and then use this formula. =A1-rounddown(A1,0)

So if you had 106.53 in Cell A1 excel will round the number to 106 and you'd have 106.53-106 and your cell will have the value .53

You can multiply all that by 100 to have a whole number. =(A1-rounddown(A1,0))*100 = 53

And then use format to add the cent symbol

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