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How can I exit the MS-DOS editor, the editor which comes up if I type edit at a Windows prompt? The help available from F1 does not tell me this.

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Wow, old school. I haven't seen the DOS editor in...close to 10 years now? Since i got rid of 98SE, anyway. –  cHao Oct 9 '10 at 7:47
one way to leave edit.com is to use notepad ;) –  barlop May 21 '11 at 1:57

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Yes, the F1 Help file of edit.com did not explain about usage of Alt key.

Other than doing Alt+F, X to get File > Exit command, you can press Alt key then use the cursor keys to navigate edit.com menu system.

The (possibly) expected function of using the mouse to click on the File command does not work by default. This is because the DOS Window properties have "Edit Options" enabled for "QuickEdit Mode" and "Insert Mode". Click on the top left of the DOS Window then "Properties", and then disable those two "Edit Options", and you will be able to use the mouse to execute commands on the edit.com menu bar.

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I wouldn't suggest turning off quickedit mode or insert mode. they're too useful outside of edit.com But As to not being able to click, well, keyboard is fine, I always used ALT-F then UP then ENTER to exit. Though as you say, ALT+F,X will do fine. You don't get the gratifying old DOS edit.com big yellow cursor anyway.. –  barlop May 21 '11 at 1:56

Have you tried File -> Exit (alt+f, x)?

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