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I bought a new high-end customized laptop. Surprisingly it has no LEDs besides the power button. Specifically I'm missing the hard drive LED, WiFi LED and Bluetooth LED.

I'm looking for a nice replacement widget for these LEDs. Ideally it should be nested in the System Tray, but other options would be acceptable too.

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For Keyboard :
Keyboard Leds, which does Caps, Num and Scroll lock indicator in the system tray.

For hard disk:
DiskLED - A Flexible Hard Disk and General System Activity Indicator System Tray Applet
Hard Disk Indicator - can monitor 5 partitions.

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You can use Rainmeter. It's a system monitoring tool that uses skins to display information collected by meters.

You could create a custom skin that will display a graphic when there is disk access, wifi connection, and a lot of other things. If you're up to creating a custom skin, you can definitely collect and show that information.

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