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How can I make a window span over both monitors? I have the monitors configured using the KDE monitor setting tool. I need specifically full-screen (for presentation purposes) or at least a maximized window. Kwin insists on locking the window on one desktop.

Edit: interestingly it really is Kwin preventing me to do this. If I get rid of KDE and just launch a plain X session, the window maximizes correctly.

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Disable Enable multiple monitor window fullscreen support & Enable multiple monitor window maximize support in System Settings > Display > Multiple Monitors (the 'support' being that it will only maximize/fullscreen on 1 monitor, instead of the 'default' complete virtual desktop which seems to be what you want).

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It would seem that this isn't possible anymore. The settings that previously allowed this in System > Display > Multiple Monitors are not there anymore in newer versions.

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I cannot find the settings either. Does anyone know how to do that in kde-4.11 + ? – AtomHeartFather Jul 28 '15 at 19:42

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