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Google Chrome starts downloading a file automatically after you click on a download link. However if this file is pdf or wmv then instead of downloading a file it opens it with browser's pdf reader (pdf) or plays it (wmv).

Can you force Chrome to just download an arbitrary file? I don't want to turn off the default behaviour altogether because most of the time it's what I want. But sometimes I want to download a file rather than to open it in a browser.

EDITED PART: What when the url to a file I am interested in downloading comes from my windows clipboard?

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Right click the link and click "Save Link As..."

EDIT: To follow up on the need to download arbitrarily from clipboard, I would just create a generic HTML file and use the above solution. Save as mylink.html to file system somewhere. Open in Chrome.

<a href="">Link</a>
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I was stupid of me to not make it clear that my real problem is a bit different (url is in the clipboard). I've just edited the question. – michael lucas Oct 10 '10 at 16:42
Oh, ok. I'm sorry but I don't have much experience with how you would do this on Windows (On UNIX it is easy). So I can't really be much help. – Wuffers Oct 10 '10 at 16:44

You could use a free download manager such as Free Download Manager.

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Go to and paste the URL, then right click on the link the site generates.

Before my solution was to keep a tiny html file on my desktop that I could modify with the appropriate URL.

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