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Dynamic IP-address is not able to be forwarded correctly

Hi guys

I've recently discovered an odd problem. When I'm at my own house (with a static IP) my Team Fortress 2-dedicated server is working just fine. But when I'm at my girlfriends house (with a dynamic IP) it's not running even when the ports are forwarded. I did some research and discovered that you need a hostname. I created one free at DynDNS and downloaded their Update Client. When I forward the ports on my Linksys WRT54G, I am only able to select the port(s) to be forwarded, the protocol and the ending digit (max 2 cifres) of the IP and not the whole IP. Ie it says "192.168.1.[this is what I can enter]".

If I open CMD and type in ipconfig it tells me that my IP-address (IPv4) is but if I go to PortForward it tells me that Your external IP is

When I open TF2 and type in connect I am able to join and so are other people on this very wireless network. But it's not able to connect when I type in connect or connect Have any of you experienced the same problem, and if so, can any of you help me figure this out? I'm probably, I mean obviously, doing something wrong :)

Many of you must think "what a retard, I'm not answering this" but respect to the few wanting to answer such a probably stupid question.

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Can I recommend the DynDNS Community for DynDNS related questions. There you'll even find a guide to port forwarding and testing, which should walk you through what you need to do.

In your case you want to forward the TF2 ports to, from your WRT54G (assuming you don't have an ADSL modem). Simply creating a DynDNS hostname, or running an update client, doesn't forward any ports.

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Thank you, i actually didnt know they had a forum :) thanks – Latze Oct 15 '10 at 10:40

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