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What free programs can I use to view and edit .vsd files?

I am working with someone that does not switch to Visio and while I could use Microsoft's Visio Viewer to see what it's sent me, I cannot make any changes and send them back with this.

I am aware of question Visio alternatives, but it does not address whether or not any of them can open Visio files.

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As far as I know and am aware there are no other products that edit Visio files, because it is totally proprietary file format. Dia is the closest you will come, but again last I used it, it didn't open Visio files.

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If you would like to convert/embed .vsd files into Dia/.dia format: Have a look at vsd2svg. It's available for free from – Steffen Macke Sep 21 '12 at 15:44

In fact, Corel Draw can import vsd-files and make them editable as a vector drawing. All text is converted to curves though. I have tested this in Corel Draw X5, I don't know if other (earlier) versions can do the same.

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You should try Lucidchart which is a web-based Visio alternative. It can import .vsd and .vdx Visio files, you can edit it, and then you can export it back to Visio's format.

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I noticed you've been answering a number of questions about Visio with a recommendation to try Lucidchart. Are you by any chance affiliated with that product? Because if so, you must disclose that fact in your answers. – Indrek Oct 13 '12 at 20:35

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