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I am searching for an antivirus which can run from portable drives so that whenever I get infected computer on my way I can scan it using my drive and clean the infected one and install new one there...

Is there any antivirus for such things?

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There are live CDs from multiple vendors that you can use, see http://www.techmixer.com/free-bootable-antivirus-rescue-cds-download-list/.

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Look at http://portableapps.com, the Security section has ClamAV that runs off a portable device. But then there's the risk of infecting the portable drive itself.

I'd go for a Live CD like Knoppix, or INSERT (for a smaller distro). There are more listed on the Knoppix Wiki too.

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Check this AVG Anti-Virus Rescue USB

How to Install AVG to your USB Flash Drive

  1. Download the Rescue CD (for USB stick) file
  2. Extract the contents of avg_arl_en_90_#.rar to your Flash Drive (I use 7-zip to do this)
  3. Click makeboot.bat from the Flash Drive

You should now have a Bootable AVG Flash Drive that you can use to Boot from and scan your Computer for Viruses.

There are lots of antivirus that allow you to create Bootable AntiVirus Rescue CDs or USB and even you can look for the portable antiviruses for pendrive.

Hope this help..

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