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I need to convert a PDF file that has arabic and english text to word. A sample page from the file can be found on this link


I need to do this so the text can be entered in a database. I have tried some pdf to word converters but most of them issues with the Arabic.

Will highly appreciate any help. Thanks.

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None of the programs mentioned here: superuser.com/questions/568/how-to-print-documents-to-pdf work ? –  Sathya Oct 11 '10 at 15:14
Sathya - thanks for the reply. The post you mentioned show how to create PDFs. What i need is that i already have the PDF file and i need to convert that to Word. And the problem is the Arabic that is in the PDF file. Most PDF to Word converters refuse to handle the Arabic. –  Moh Oct 11 '10 at 15:37

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