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How can I allow normal users to mount a tmpfs under any subdirectory owned by them?

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You would probably have to write a wrapper script that you would allow them to execute with sudo.

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I'm thinking about giving them partial sudo rights to mount and umount.

First add user nisse to the group users

addgroup nisse users

Then allow the group users to execute mount and umount, add this in /etc/sudoers

%users  ALL=(ALL) /bin/mount
%users  ALL=(ALL) /bin/umount

Then the user should be allowed to mount a tmpfs drive.

And if you follow Jayen answer with a wrapper scipt, then add something like this to sudoers

%users  ALL=(ALL) /usr/local/bin/

If that wrapper script is called /usr/local/bin/

/Good luck

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Obviously, giving access to mount without restrictions is a huge security risk and almost equivalent to giving them root access. – Joachim Breitner Sep 11 '14 at 13:21

Another option is to make a wrapper binary that is suid root (but that is more effort.)

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