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I want to capture an image inside of WMP via a right-click selection.

A friend says she used to be able to do so, and wants to be able to do so again.

alt+printscreen is not an option - to complicated for dumb user. Alt-Print Screen/edit blank picutre/crop... too complicated.

We'd also prefer not to introduce another program (Although a small/simple/free one would be worth a try)

Cntr+I isn't working. Video-Overlay disable isn't working. Other attempts to get screen-captures working again have been for naught...

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Why not play the video in VLC and take video stills in VLC?

Read more: How to Capture a Still Image From a Video |

You could always try a 'normal' screenshot program...suggestions below:

Lifehacker article: The Five Best Screen Capture Tools.

Browse all the posts tagged "screen-capture" at Lifehacker for more free solutions...

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ending up having reinstall WMP, MS Plus and something else... voting up because I suggested other software as well. – WernerCD Oct 15 '10 at 18:32

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