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I want to learn how to compile vim from the sources, because there are some additions that I want to add, and learn how to deal with this situations, but until now I didn't have success doing it, I can compile vim, but without its GUI

I think it's a dependencies problem, but I can't figure out which packages I have to install, what are the dependencies to compile vim with its gui?

I found an article about how to compile gvim, but I don't have the packages for install in my ubuntu 10.10 repositories, I hope to find some help with this


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As far as I can tell the tutorial you are referring to is not relying on packages at all. I mean, all dependant libraries are downloaded in source code form. Also you could be more specific about what part of compilation is giving you an error, or what dependencies are unresolved. – Casual Coder Oct 12 '10 at 10:00

If you install the gnome-devel package, it should pull in all the dependencies you need. Then start from configure again to recognize the new package.

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