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I am new to UNIX and can't figure out how to use the 'quota' command to see my disk usages. So I install “quota” using the following command

sudo apt-get install quota

But when I type in the command quota -v or anything similar, it doesn’t show anything. According to most website online ( , it suppose to show me all the quota limitation when I type in quota -v. can you please tell me how can I make it work or if I am doing something wrong here. your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Try quota <your username>. You can read up on the syntax of the command with man quota - If it's only supposed to print limitations, there might me no limitations enforced. If you just want to see general disk usage for the system, try df -h

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The reason quota -v does not show anything is obvious: There are no limitations set on your system. (How to add limitations is another question.)

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You have to do a bit more work to enable quotas - you have to enable it on the partition and setup a couple of files - have a look here.

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