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What is the difference between each of the following.

  • emacs22
  • emacs22-nox
  • emacs-snapshot
  • emacs-snapshot-nox
  • emacs21
  • emacs21-nox
  • emacs22-gtk
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Emacs snapshot is the CVS version of Emacs. GTK is compiled with GTK support. NOX means compiled without X support. vNN are the version numbers.

Note the latest stable release of GNU Emacs is 23.1. emacs-snapshot is the closest to this.

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The number denotes which version of emacs - so v22, v21, etc.

NOX denotes that the release doesn't have X Window Support (I would imagine that it would thusly be CLI only).

Snapshot .. not sure, but it probably is a snapshot in between revisions of the software.

GTK is a library for building GUI's - this is a gui release of emacs.

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