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I'm used to applications allowing you to perform multiple undos at once with Ctrl-Z. I've found that at least the default setting in photoshop is only a single undo. How do i change this (im a photoshop newbie)?

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+1, this "feature" makes me rage – Eru Jan 28 '14 at 0:51
I remember, I swore so much the day I discovered that exotic behavior. Generally speaking, Photoshop is the antithesis of the principle of least astonishment. – Gras Double May 8 at 7:25
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I use photoshop 7 but should be similar in any later versions.


Redoc Key - by default is Ctrl+Z (Toggles Undo/Redo)

Change it to Ctrl+Shift+z or something, and change the history states to a nice high value (I have 200).

Press Ok and jobs a good-un!

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Hado to go hunting for some of the settings but i found them. Thanks! – RCIX Aug 8 '09 at 5:48
Oops, had to... – RCIX Aug 8 '09 at 5:49

You probably do not want to change this.

Photoshop has a "Step backward" function that can be accessed by SHIFT+CTRL+Z.

Also, you can step forward again by using ALT+CTRL+Z.

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In my eyes Photoshop not using the default undo key is a definite fail. Why not change it? – Sam Sep 11 '09 at 8:12
+1 In CS6 this is found in Edit->Keyboard Shortcuts and the "Step backwards/forwards" defaults are the opposite of your answer – Eonasdan Feb 23 '14 at 23:01

In Photoshop CS3 you go Edit->Keyboard Shortcuts

Here you can change/add keyboard shortcuts to most Photoshop menu items, palette menus and tools.

Simply choose the Edit accordion section and click on the Step Backwards shortcut and click Ctrl-Z.
It might throw a warning as it is will be overwriting the Undo/Redo button, but don't worry about that.

Now you have it set up the way it should be.

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By default, it's Ctrl + Alt + Z to go backward through the last undo states one-by-one.

Ctrl + Shift + Z to go forward.

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Thanks S.Kiers! I am using a Wacom tablet and have found that I can spend a lot of time drawing without touching the keyboard, as I have mapped space bar (hand tool) and undo to my two stylus keys.. however, I have been leaning over to the keyboard every time I want to bo back more than 1 step.. now I can finally sort this! Hooray!

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