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Like what :Ve and :E did, but in NERDTree.

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:NERDTree %

Works for me. % is the path to the current file, so you can't cd to %, but NERDTree interprets it intelligently and opens the folder instead of the file.

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Do you want the ":NERDTree" / ":NERDTreeToggle" commands? Check out:

:help NERDTreeFunctionality
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It seems :NERDTree opens the pwd where VIM started. – Cheng Oct 18 '10 at 3:21

One way is to automatically cd to the current file always. This works with NERDTree.

function AlwaysCD()
  if bufname("") !~ "^ftp://"
    lcd %:p:h
autocmd BufEnter * call AlwaysCD()
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I don't get it. Added to my .vimrc, nothing changed. I have to type lcd %:p:h, then opens :NERDTree? – Cheng Oct 18 '10 at 3:36

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