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I ssh from my MacBook to a remote Linux and started a lengthy script (import 2000000+ lines of csv text records into MySQL). Too bad I have to take away my MacBook one hour later.

How can I keep the script running when I unplug my MacBook?

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Use nohup and run your process in the background. Run your process like this:

nohup command &

To nohup running processes: press ctrl+z, enter "bg" and enter "disown"

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for my case, I have already started the script, is there something I can do now? Thanks – ohho Oct 13 '10 at 4:51
Found a solution on nohup wikipedia. To nohup running processes: press ctrl+z, enter "bg" and enter "disown". – ohho Oct 13 '10 at 4:58

nohup is fine, but spartian. screen is powerful. Let's do:


type Control-A, then d. This will detach the screen session. You'll see the detached session with:

screen -ls

To reattach a session:

screen -r

See also this screen presentation

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