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I recently tried out an addon called "keyconfig", and it is ideal for what I want.
It re-binds Firefox's shortcut-keys.
I've not found any other way to do this.

This addon has a public forum of 1739 posts on
This seems to be a well known add-on, and it worked for me in an Ubuntu VM.

Does anyone know why this add-on is not listed on Firefox's own official Add-ons page?
(Is it buggy? Is it safe? ...)
It is available as "keyconfig 20080929" at

And I almost forgot... Is there any other way to customize Firefox' keyboard-shortcuts?

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The question was asked in 2010, the source was from 2011, the answer is here, in 2014. XD

Keyconfig is still being developed, despite that it is not available in the Mozilla Firefox add-on repository.

I almost forgot too. There are Vimperator, Pendatactyl (you may know all of them). However, there is a new competitor just have appeared some month ago and I really like it. It's VimFx. Because it's new, then it's lack of powerful of Vimperator.

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