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I want to update the firmware described in this blog post, but the author of that post, who has a dual-boot system and seems mostly to use Linux, says it is impossible to do in Linux.

Is that common? Why can't it be installed?

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they stopped writing DOS-compatible flashers; and there is a download of Windows ; 7 at; however, OEMs are still using DOS tools nowadays, so ask the support.. – kagali-san Oct 14 '10 at 1:55
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Unfortunately, most hardware vendors only provide firmware update software for Windows or DOS.

In case of Dell, they have some tools that might be useful in some cases:

  • firmware-tools (this is also available in the Ubuntu repositories)
  • BIOSdisk (a little bit of info + links to downloads on this page, scroll down a bit)

I'm not sure they support any laptops or desktops that they don't sell with Ubuntu pre-installed though...

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