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I would like to organize all incoming email into the following directory structure based on the date of the email:

ROOT --+-- YYYYMMDD --+-- HH --+-- mm --+-- YYYYMMDD-HHmmSS-000001
       |              |        |        |
       |              |        |        |      ....
       |              |        |        |
       |              |        |        +-- YYYYMMDD-HHmmSS-NNNNNN
       |              |        +-- mm --
       |              +-- HH --+-- mm -- 

Note that each email will be stored as a separate file and the name of the file is YYYYMMDD-HHmmss-NNNNN, where NNNNN is a running number.

Can procmail or maildrop do this? If not, what other options are there?

Thanks in advance.

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This can be achieved using procmail. Here is an example .procmailrc:


DATE=`date +%Y%m%d`
HOUR=`date +%H`
MIN=`date +%M`


# Creates the slice if necessary.
DUMMY=`test -d $MAILDIR/$SLICE || mkdir -m 700 -p $MAILDIR/$SLICE`

Subtlety: the slash after $DEFAULT indicates Maildir format. If you prefer mbox instead, remove it.

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