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I've been using some software for a while that uses Win+S and I've gotten used to it. I've just recently started using OneNote 2010 and I find that it's hijacked the Win+S hotkey for doing screen clippings. Cool feature, but I'd rather reprogram OneNote to use a different letter. Otherwise I have to reprogram my brain.

I realize I can disable the OneNote system tray icon thing and that'll probably fix the problem, but I'd rather keep the other OneNote hotkeys (Win+N and Win+Shift+N), and wouldn't mind using the screen clipping with Win+C or something.

Digging through the options I didn't see any way to change this. Hopefully I'm missing something - otherwise, it's kinda arrogant of a software program to hijack a hotkey like that with no option of configuring it.

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For OneNote 2007, see Changing the OneNote Screen Clipping and New Side Note keyboard shortcuts. I believe this article will answer your question.

In short, look at this registry key:


There are two DWORD values ScreenClippingShortcutKey & NewNoteShortcutKey. The default values are:

  • ScreenClippingShortcutKey: 0x53
  • NewNoteShortcutKey: 0x4e

If we look in this ASCII table:

ascii code chart
Image source

In row 5, column 3 (0x53), we see the S. So, this is where the S of the hotkey is set.

Change it to another value according to the ASCII table to adjust the hotkey.

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Excellent -- thanks! – pettys Nov 17 '10 at 16:39
It's a shame they don't appear to have this feature baked in to the program itself. – Ape-inago Mar 5 '11 at 21:25
Any guess as to where I can find that blessed registry key for Office 2010? – Bruno Brant Mar 31 '11 at 0:27
Windows+N OneNote shortcut actually conflicts with the standard Windows shortcut to open a task from the taskbar (Windows+N+digit). So I would really like to find the way to change this shortcut in Office 2010 (= Office 14). – fiktor Jan 4 '13 at 7:56
In office 14 (whichever version it is) you can add the key to the registry, and it will have the same effect, but will not update the context menu of the icon. – Asaf Jul 22 '13 at 7:51

The OneNote icon must be active in the notification area, at the far right of the Windows task bar (bottom right of screen by the clock). I just went to OneNoteToolsCustomize, found the Screen Clipping icon and dragged it to the Windows task bar by the clock.

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I have found one better solution, it is for Office 2010.

Open "OneNote"--> File --> Options --> Customize Ribbon

Now, in there, you will find "Screen Clipping" under "Popular Commands". In the "Main Tabs" select "Home" , right click and make new group under it. Rename it.

And then click "Add" and Finally "OK". This is for adding Screen Clipping.

To remove or disable it , search screen clipping under existing group and remove it.

This is my first solution on internet after using lots of free solution over internet for my many problems.

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just figured out to disable this..OneNote 2013 Go "File->Options->Display", and uncheck "Place OneNote icon in the notification area of the taskbar"


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Question was how to do this specifically in OneNote 2010 not OneNote 2010. – Ramhound Feb 10 at 18:00

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