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I use Firefox as my default browser, but I want all links from Microsoft Outlook to be opened in Chrome. I need it because of separation - I use Firefox for one kind of work and Chrome for another.

Here the solution for a similar problem was proposed, but I want a different browser, not a different engine for displaying pages.

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As an aside: as far as I know, Outlook will always first use some IE component to check if the link exists. (That is surely true for other Office applications such as Excel and Word.) Only when a link gives some response, the default browser will be opened (optionally even with a changed URL, in case of a redirect response). This "Microsoft Office Discovery Protocol" might be a good search term when trying to solve your question... –  Arjan Oct 15 '10 at 5:39

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You can use Browsermaster. It's an application that lets you choose your browser each time you open a link.

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For the most part, you cannot. This is a limitation that is common to the major operating systems, they offer a single application for any URL scheme. You cannot select a non-default handler. I have seen some applications allow the selection of a non-default browser or mailer (Pointcast and iPhoto come to mind), but my impression was that this was app-specific code.

The annoying thing, if you are in Mac OS, is that you can right-click ona file, and select a non-default application.

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