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Where can I download ffmpeg with libfaac (for Windows)?

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looks like you have to compile your own, the "official" binary distros probably don't have it because of patent issues/non freeconcerns.

so you can build it yourself with it: http://pcloadletter.co.uk/2011/05/07/compiling-64bit-ffmpeg-for-windows-with-libfaac http://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/forum/mcp.php?i=main&mode=topic_view&f=19&t=459&sid=3b427270937ecfcd8f2e57a34a5213e2

or use a sherpya ffmpeg and have the .dll in your path: http://oss.netfarm.it/mplayer-win32.php

See also FFmpeg command to convert mp3 to aac where it mentions that you can now use -acodec libvo_aacenc by default.

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Newer FFmpeg are compiled with libvo_aacenc, so you can do this

ffmpeg -i in.mp3 -c libvo_aacenc out.aac

or simply

ffmpeg -i in.mp3 out.aac
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NB that libvo_aacenc is deemed as "lesser quality" than some things out there... –  rogerdpack Sep 4 '13 at 21:18

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