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I'm installing on Unix/OSX software called Julius which states this:

"To compile with libsndfile support, first install the development files (headers) of libsndfile, and compile Julius from the source"

But I have idea how to install the headers. It does indeed install fine with .configure, make, make install but I guess there is an extra step for the headers.

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Your distribution might provide a linsndfile-dev package or similar (the Julius manual has some examples in section 2.4.1) and that's probably the easiest method.

Otherwise, install libsndfile first:

make install

then compile Julius as you did and it should work. If you want to double-check, the ./configure output for Julius should, at some point, talk about libsndfileif it detects it.

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Normally the headers come with the library, so the first place you should look is wherever you got your install of libsndfile from. If you haven't installed libsndfile yet, then that would be where you start.

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There are various directories (such as src) with various files (including h files), but I still don't know what to do with them. – Gazzer Oct 17 '10 at 17:42

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