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I have around a 150GB hard drive that I had fully allocated to Ubuntu 10.10. I fired up the gparted live cd and reduced it by 47GB for a small ntfs partition for Windows.

When it was completed, I rebooted and Ubuntu seemed to load up fine, however, I get the following error at the gdm login screen:

The configuration defaults for GNOME Power Manager have not been installed correctly. Please contact your computer administrator.

I also have noticed that it says I am using 103GB of 103GB on my Ubuntu partition. Before the resize, I was using about 40GB of space.

Why does it suddenly think I'm using 103GB?

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Backup whatever critical things you have on the drive, then run fsck for the Ubuntu file system. You are, indeed, using still the same amount, but gparted may have forgotten to update some things after it finished resizing — maybe fsck will.

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