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How do I get the process id for the perl process that's running the current script? getppid() doesn't return the same pid as ps -ea| grep . Is there is an easy way or do I just run the ps -ea command within my script and trim off the other pieces of info?

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You can use $$ to get the process ID of the perl interpreter running your script:

iancs-imac:Documents ian$ cat 
print "$$\n";

ians-imac:Documents ian$ perl 

In another shell:

iancs-imac:~ ian$ sudo ps -ef | grep perl
  501 42291 42281   0   0:00.00 ttys000    0:00.01 perl
  501 42297 42280   0   0:00.00 ttys001    0:00.00 grep perl

To learn more about about special Perl variables:

perldoc perlvar

Or see the official online version of that information.

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