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I already have a large collection of Karaoke VCD, they are basically mpeg movies with dual audio track. ie, the left audio channel has the music only, and right channel has music + vocal. In karaoke, one would normally select the left channel to be play thur both speaker.

I'm aware of Media center software like xbmc or mediaportal, but never played with them. I tried searching for their website, but can't for sure whether it can select a single audio around like this or not. I found a post that xbmc didn't support this, but it was back in 2004.

Does anyone have any recommendation / experience on an easy to use software for this? open to either Win or Linux options.

UPDATED: Looks like XBMC won't work since it's no longer using mplayer: Are there any alternatives that are easy to operate? Imagine your grandpa & grandma using it... so not very computer savy.

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XBMC now supports selection of left or right channel audio stream for video playback. According to XBMC Features and Supported Formats/Codecs page,

  • Switch between multiple audio streams/tracks
  • Left, Right, Mono and Stereo channel selection available for all two channel audio-streams
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Any idea on where to change the channel selection? Can it be bind to a particular key? – fseto Oct 22 '10 at 2:54
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End up using VLC. audio > audio channels > choose left or right

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