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The specific app I'm having a problem with is Firefox but I'd like a generic solution. I have 2 monitors the larger is my main monitor.

I would like to be able to tell windows that every time I start app 'X' I want it too start in my main monitor and ideally have it start app 'Y' in my secondary monitor. And I want it to do this regardless of witch monitor the app was when it was last used.

Does anyone know of a tool or windows-tweak to make this possible?

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I know you can do this with UltraMon. Which is unfortunately pay-ware.
There's also MultiMon which has a free version. I'm not sure though it has the feature you want.

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Used to use this with UltraMon, works fine – pavsaund Aug 8 '09 at 19:53

What graphics card? Nvidia, ATI and more have their own helper-programs for managing multi-monitor setups and they're generally good and free.

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