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I have a dynamic IP that enters my home through a router, to which I'm connected via wireless. I've created an account on dyndns.chom (

I've configured my router to use my DynDNS account successfully. I then went to the "forwarding" tab in my router menu to add a new virtual server for port 80 using the internal IP address of (my computer's IP address)

alt text

Although I have my Apache server up and running (http://localhost works), I can't connect using my domain

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Did you check your current dynamic IP? It must have changed (due to restart of router or expired TTL). – Tom Hagen Mar 15 '14 at 11:20

Going to the external address while behind the router doesn't always work; the router detects that the connection is local and ignores the forwarding rules, connecting the client to the router instead. Use a host or proxy outside the local network instead.

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