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Possible Duplicates:
Getting a WEI [Windows experience Index] type score on Windows XP?
WEI rating for Windows XP machine

Does anyone know of a simple utility like the MS Windows Experience Index (WinSAT) that will run in Win XP ?

Failing that, can anyone help point me to a good site that publishes WEI scores of late 2006 vintage Notebooks ?

I am trying to get a WEI score for a Dell Inspiron E1405/640m where the weak parts are the Intel GMA950 IGP (Controller 945GM) and 1GB 533MHz DDR2

I did see a ref. that if you copy the Winsat.exe over from a W7 pc to a XP pc it works in a limited fashion. Anyone had any experience doing that ?

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You can use winsat.exe from Vista. More information in this article.

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Its older laptops that came with XP, but claimed to be 'Vista Ready' that I want WEI scores for – paul Oct 21 '10 at 21:03

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