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I'm establishing some rules for filtering my traffic based on HTTP request. In the process I noticed some packets with the http method CCM_POST. A quick search turned up this question on Server Fault and thus lead me to the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.

Is there anyway I can prevent my filter from capturing this traffic? It would seem to me this would be as easy as ignoring all http methods with CCM in them but I can't find any definitions of the associated protocol to ensure this is the case.

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Do you still have this problem? What program are you configuring the rules in? – Tom Wijsman Aug 28 '11 at 0:24
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What are you using to capture the packets?

Using wireshark you could filter this traffic from the display using:

!(http.request.method == "CCM_POST")

However to prevent it's capture completely you would need to filter is based on the destination IP port of the message. The CCM_POST is sent to System Center Configuration Manager or System Management Server Management Points.

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I realize I had forgotten about this question. Since I was using tshark (a cli version of wireshark) this is ultimately what I did. I think What I was looking for was: "Does all CCM have an http method with the string 'CCM'" in it. Turns out the answer is yes. – tzenes Mar 14 '12 at 14:54

You can use Windows network monitor tool that comes with Windows. Its so simple and easy.

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