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I have a hearing impaired person in the house and want to equip her with a bluetooth headset while the rest of us listen over the speakers. I am able to connect the headset and get it to play by setting it as the default speaker. Problem is that the speakers are then turned off.

Working with windows 7 and Samsung bluetooth headphones.

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See if Virtual Audio Cable will work for you. You can basically create a virtual audio device which will send sound to both the speaker & BT headset.

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Jack audio connection kit does that for free. http://jackaudio.org/

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Looks like this one might be easier to configure. Also free.


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VB-Audio's Virtual Cable is donationware - you can make any donation.

I paid EUR 2 for the drivers and EUR 2 for their excellent mixer software. Once you register, you get two additional audio cables, bringing the total to 3 + 1 for the mixer. It's excellent. I takes a while playing around with Windows' Audio settings (you have to set in the output devices "Listen to this device" on the virtual audio cables A + B and set these 2 to the 2 devices you want to listen to) and then the standard output to the voicemeter. Then in the voicemeter, set "A" to MME: cable A for "B" to MME: cable B and voila.) am sending input from Google Play to laptop speakers + bluetooth speakers at the same time. Great surround!

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