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Vista Pen drive error: Please insert disk into removable drive

Is there any way to fix this Problem. I am using Transcend 2GB JFV30 type flash drive.

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This worked for me.

1)Please make use of this site “http://www.transcendusa.com/Products/online_recovery_2.asp?LangNo=0″

All the instruction are present how to repair your pen drive.

2) Download tool JetFlash Recovery Online from “http://www.transcendusa.com/support/dlcenter/ORT_Software.asp?Link=OnLineRecovery.exe”,

After browsing a lot I got this very good information.

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Why the down vote? –  Xavierjazz Oct 19 '10 at 12:46
I am the owner of this post. I was browsing through all over the net to find the solution of the problem. Finally I got the solution and I fixed the solution. Now my Flash drive is working fine. –  MonkeyMind Oct 20 '10 at 3:45

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