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I have Windows Vista and Ubuntu 9 co-installed on my dual partition system. The boot is controlled by GNU Grub. How can I safely uninstall and completely delete Ubuntu and recycle the disk space to be used by Vista that remains. I have extremely important data on Vista, so I cannot afford an error in the process. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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This is what you need to do.

  • First, Log into Ubuntu and back up all the data from the Home directory that you need.
  • Then Log into Vista, and delete the Ubuntu Partition. you can do this by going to Start > Rt Click on Computer > Select Manage Then in the left hand pane, under Storage category, click on Disk Management Now select and right click on the partition you wish to delete. You can then also delete the swap if you have it. See this page for more details:

  • After this, you need to fix the Master boot record. You can follow the steps given here:

Please note that you require your Vista DVD to fix the MBR.

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