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One of the features that seem to be lacking on Preview is an automatic zoom to page width during full screen view. This is very helpful when reading user manuals and other long texts.

I would normally right-click, then Zoom In repeatedly; whereas for Adobe Reader (on Windows), I would just Ctrl+Wheel Up.

I wish Preview would have been easier. Or did I just overlook how to do it?

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I got it now. I can right-click on the page, then select Single Page Continuous. With this setting, choosing Zoom to Fit Window will zoom to the page width.

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Unfortunately, in full-screen mode, choosing "Single Page Continuous" for one page reverts to "Single Page" the moment one advances the page. I'm baffled by this; isn't the whole point of "continuous" to control the behavior between pages? – seh Jan 2 '11 at 2:04
for Skim: The "Zoom to fit" option is under the PDF menu, not the View menu as I would have expected. Shortcut key is Command-_ (Apple-_) – keflavich Feb 27 '13 at 0:19

Though this unfortunately isn’t available in full-screen view, you can choose View > Automatically Resize in non-full-screen view. Then click the green “+” button to make the window fill up the screen.

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This issue baffled me for quite a long time too. All I wanted to do was view PDFs full screen as in "absolutely full screen" and be able to scroll between pages.

The trick here is to right click and select "Single Page Continuous".

Yes, it will go back to Single Page again, but now you'll have your PDF full screen. To scroll between pages, use the three-finger touch, not the two-finger one.

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