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Possible Duplicate:
How to use broadband internet connection of one computer with another computer

I'm using a hub to connect them. I get online only on one comp, while the 2nd pc can't connect(it says'...invalid in this domain'). But local sites are running in both pc at the same time. Please help me surf internet at the same time in both machines, independently. My adsl modem is TP-link 8817. some said it has no function such as 'dual access mode, etc...'. OS - XP SP3. Thanks

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Do you have two IPs on your adsl circuit? Hooking up two computers to a switch or hub that is connected to an ADSL modem will only work if each computer is configured with its own IP and setup to pull that IP off the adsl connection, which of course means you need two static IPs on that connection. This is called a Parallel connection to an ISP, and some ISPs won't offer very good support for this. Most will recommend you don't use a hub at all.

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