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Im copying in data to a cell, when I copy it, the source info is this.


it copies as this.


When i convert to number or text to columns it changes to this


How can I fix that?

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First set the cell format to text: Format > Cells.. > Number (Category Text)

Next paste it into the cell as text using: Edit > Paste Special... (As Text)

The trick is to ensure Excel sees the data as text all the time - it has a strong desire to convert anything that looks like it might be a number into a number - which in your case causes truncation.

For an external data source

Create an empty spreadsheet go to: Data > Import External Data > Import Data

Now connect your data source and step through the "Text import Wizzard" until you get to "step 3 of 3", here you can set the data type of each imported column. The default is "General", change this to "Text" and all should work fine.

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the problem I have is im using a data connection and importing the data as well from Reporting Services. Its converted as a string but still bringing it in as a freaking number. – Jeff Oct 12 '10 at 18:08
@Jeff. Added a few more hints for external data loads... – NealB Oct 12 '10 at 19:27

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