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Is there an extension for chrome that can display what php framework was utilized for a site?

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Web Technology notifier

Web Technology Notifier displays the technology that is executed by the Web server of the current page through an icon. Many modules and CMS can be identified, such as Phusion Passenger for Ruby applications (as Ruby on Rails and Sinatra frameworks), PHP based applications (like Zend Server or iPyramid), Zope (Python powered), Microsoft ASP.NET, and more.

alt text

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Chrome Sniffer

This extension will help web developer to inspect web framework / CMS and javascript library running on current browsing website. An icon will appear on address bar indicates the detected framework.

alt text

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It's impossible to get information about PHP frameworks, because as you know all of them based on PHP, in this case only you will get info about version of PHP. Here you are some useful extensions for Google Chrome: Chrome Sniffer Plus, Appspector to see everything minus info about PHP frameworks

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This answer is clearly wrong. Wappalyzer will identify phpBB for example. – DavidPostill Nov 14 '15 at 18:25
I think you understand my answer completely wrong, Chrome Sniffer Plus and Appspector could detect CMS sistems, but can't detect ZF, Symfony and so on... – develway Nov 14 '15 at 23:00
No I didn't. You said "It's impossible to get information about PHP frameworks". phpBB is a framework. It is identified. Your statement is therefore false. – DavidPostill Nov 14 '15 at 23:03
Also I am not sure, if you understand what pure PHP framework is? Many PHP CMS are based on PHP, but we can't say that when we working with any CMS we are dealing with pure PHP framework :) – develway Nov 14 '15 at 23:07
Please read initial question: "Is there an extension for chrome that can display what php framework was utilized for a site?" – develway Nov 14 '15 at 23:07

I'm using Wappalyzer. It is a chrome extension that uncovers the technologies used on websites. It detects content management systems, eCommerce platforms, web servers, JavaScript frameworks, analytics tools and many more.

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