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I am using Arch Linux on a notebook, which has a 4GB SSD drive. so I have to save disk space/storage by any possible means.

Reading technological PDFs are really painful when you have to memorize daily reading progress.

I have tried epdfview/xpdf/Foxit Reader, they are lightweight enough, but not able to keep my reading progress.

Thanks in advance.

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Both apvlv and Zathura have bookmark features, and are lighter weight than either evince or okular.

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1 vote for Zathura, jumanji is a very good browser created by them :) – nXqd Oct 24 '10 at 2:42

Have you looked at evince? The bookmark feature is not noted in the features however, mine marks my place every time I close it. I wonder why you couldn't either offload some baggage to a flash drive or boot from a flash drive?

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KDE's Okular saves reading position, although I'm not sure if you consider it "lightweight".

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