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What tool would you recommend to automate several FTP uploads on a Mac? It should have a queue (so not all transfers are at the same time) and the ability to retry x times if the transfer fails. It should also be able to overwrite existing files without asking user confirmation, and report any errors.

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I'm not sure what all options there may be for gui tools, but if you are at all comfortable with and the command line... I would suggest cURL might fit your needs. Actually, normally I'd suggest wget but it appears that OS X doesn't ship with it by default, though there are plenty of pages on the 'Net describing how to d/l and install it on a Mac if you really want it instead; the two (wget & cURL) are supposed to be functionally equivalent to some degree. Depending on what you want/intend to do... wget may be the better choice.

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Commandline is perfect, actually it's much better. What are he advantages of wget over curl? – Fernando Oct 20 '10 at 21:50
wget is designed more for recursively downloading ftp or http sites (can be used for mirroring); curl is more of a one-shot affair but it can handle things like forms, cookies, etc. which make it more useful for grabbing info from a web page. They overlap a bit in some areas but are really intended for two different (but related) purposes. This document on the cURL site does a good job of going over the differences between the two. My personal experience with cURL is somewhat limited, sorry. – memilanuk Oct 20 '10 at 22:10
Whoops... my mistake. Looks like wget is download-only. Since you want to do FTP upload, your options may be a lot more limited... like cURL or wput (upload version of wget). Again, cURL comes default on OS X. This comparison table may be useful... – memilanuk Oct 20 '10 at 22:23

If you are looking for a GUI, Cyberduck can most likely take care of this job.

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