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is there a button or something like that to delete all Junk mails at once?

I sort the mail atm and select it with CTRL+SHIFT+UP and than I press delete.

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In your case, it's


  • Get the Keyconfig extension

  • Following the guide in the above link, create a new shortcut key for the desired command

(Copied from above link)

  • In Thunderbird, choose: Tools – Keyconfig... The Keyconfig dialog opens.
  • At the bottom of the Keyconfig dialog, press the button "Add a new key". The Key editor dialog opens.
  • Name the key: Compact This Folder (You can use any name—it does not affect the operation of the key.)
  • Copy and paste the following code sample where you see the comment /CODE/:


  • Press OK to close the Key editor.
  • Go to the field at the bottom of the Keyconfig dialog, and press the key combination Alt+C. (Do not type the characters A l t + C, but instead hold down the Alt key and press the C key.)
  • Press the Apply button, then the Close button.
  • Restart Thunderbird.
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Thank you very much! – Peter Oct 21 '10 at 6:01

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