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I am looking for a portable (as in no-install needed, can-run-from pendrive) installation for Bzr with a graphical UI, a decentralized version control system.

I would like to recommend it to my students, who have no admin privileges on lab computers. Git is, IMHO, too unfriendly to use for second-year programmers, but I would be glad for any suggestions or ideas.

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The thread Are there any plans for a portable (flash drive) version of Bazaar? contains a description of installing Bazaar to a USB stick in a portable manner, as follows:

  1. Install any flavor of PortableApps to your USB-stick.
  2. Install the app "Command Prompt Portable" to your USB-stick.
  3. Start the app and exit the command prompt again - this creates the necessary configuration file.
  4. Install Bazaar on your machine, if not already done.
  5. Copy the contents of your Bazaar installation to a directory "portable_bzr" on the USB-stick.
  6. If you don't want to keep Bazaar installed locally, uninstall it.
  7. Edit Command Prompt Portable's configuration file; you find it at: $PortableAppsDirectory\CommandPromptPortable\data\Batch\commandprompt.bat
    Append the following two lines:
    set BZR_HOME=%~d0\portable_bzr
    set path=%BZR_HOME%
    and you're done. When launching Command Prompt Portable, you have all bzr commands available on any (Windows) machine.
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Thanks! Will try as soon as I get the chance – tucuxi Oct 21 '10 at 13:29

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