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Please suggest me a minimalist HTTP proxy for Linux which has the following features:

  • a single executable file - it can be an executable compiled from C/C++ or a Python/Perl script
  • accepts the IP:port to listen from command line at startup
  • doesn't do any caching, only in RAM
  • can block URLs by regexp
  • uses a simple text file as backend for URLs that need to be blocked - one pattern per line
  • has a way to accept more URLs to block at runtime and is able to save them as well
  • has a verbose mode that dumps blocked urls to stdout (for debugging purposes)
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Have you looked at all of the ones mentioned on this website? It lists some in java and python.

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The site has some broken links, some references to ancient software. But I've found a couple of candidates that I hopefully will be able to tweak for my needs. Thank you. – vtest Oct 22 '10 at 8:15

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