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I cannot type a | in Firefox. I had to cut and paste it in for this question.

On a Swiss Macintosh pressing the keys labeled <alt> <shift> and <7> producess a |, the 'vertical dash', sometimes called 'pipe' .. but not in FireFox.

The "keyboard viewer" agrees...

Entering [ or ] using <alt-5> and <alt-6> also doesn't work, but <alt-shift-5> and <alt-shift-6> do.

{ and } are also "broken" (=not what I expected) in FireFox.

Is this a known issue? and is there a solution?

I did google, but don't seem to find search terms google understands ... {, }, | and [ or ] are all ignored ...

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You can take a look at the official Firefox shortcut list. Sadly, it is also said on the same page that those shortcut cannot be changed.

Back: Cmd + [
Forward: Cmd + ]
Previous Tab: Cmd + {
Next Tab: Cmd + }
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It's possible that a Plugin is capturing some keyboard inputs. I would try disabling all Plugins and restarting Firefox to see whether the problem persists, then re-enabling them until you figure out which one causes the problem.

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For now there doesn't seem to be a way to enter those keys into firefox other than cut & paste.

I'll update this question should I find a usable (intuitive & quick) approach.

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