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I am trying to install Yahoo Messenger 10 on windows xp but it never finish. It create a GLBD6.tmp and it use 100% CPU. Any ideas why?

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To the obvious question of what to do about it. I got a different error trying to install Yahoo instant messenger v10 on one of my computers. I tried one suggested thing, reinstalling the windows installer was what was suggested for the error I got, but no luck.

I tried an earlier version, was fine.

If you're willing to then you could try v9 or earlier, it's available on filehippo.com


maybe in the near future there'll be a new version of v10 or there'll be v11, that'll work for you

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Check you havent run out of disk space.

Run http://live.sysinternals.com/Tools/Procmon.exe and watch the installer run. Look for the last FAILURE before it freezes.

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Clean out your temp files, reboot, download the installer again, and try again.

The temp folders in question are located at:

  • %temp%
  • C:\windows\temp
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