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On ubuntu (actualy, linux mint + xfce)

I downloaded gnome-do-plugins package from synaptic, I got two problems with that package:

  • it forced me to download a whole bunch of things I don't really want or need, such as evolution (why the hell is it even a dependency?)
  • it started asking for keyring password (why?!?)

So, I removed the gnome-do-plugins package, but, it still asks for keyring password, and, gnome-do still lists all the plugins (except that now they can't be used).

I want to really remove the plugins, so that:

  • They don't appear in the plugins list.
  • It stops prompting me for keyring password.
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Did you try purging (remove package files and configuration files) both gnome-do and gnome-do-plugins packages and then reinstalling gnome-do ?

sudo apt-get --purge remove gnome-do gnome-do-plugins

.. followed by ..

sudo apt-get autoclean

Then try reinstalling gnome-do. That should simulate a fresh install of gnome-do and hopefully remove this issue.

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problem is, if I install gnome-do, it will install gnome-do-plugins with it – hasen Sep 18 '09 at 14:19
it should not install all the plugins. You can install and uninstall them manually by right clicking on Gnome-DO > Preferences > Plugins – GiH Nov 10 '09 at 18:33

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