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I have not used Vista, but heard that it contained DRM measures that can make legitimate computer use more difficult. For example, from this article:

Certain high-quality output paths--audio and video--are reserved for protected peripheral devices. Sometimes output quality is artificially degraded; sometimes output is prevented entirely. And Vista continuously spends CPU time monitoring itself, trying to figure out if you're doing something that it thinks you shouldn't. If it does, it limits functionality and in extreme cases restarts just the video subsystem.

Others said this was bunk, but some specific issues have been reported.

So: what about Windows 7? Is there anything you can't do with it specifically because of the DRM that's built-in?

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You'll find some interesting information about and advocacy against DRM in Vista, and now Windows 7, at ... I'm on the fence: I do like and use Vista and Windows 7, but I wish it didn't have technologies built-in that treat me like a thief! – Chris W. Rea Aug 9 '09 at 12:49
I won't lie, I've erred on the wrong side of legal in Vista, but any supposed DRM in it has never appeared. – Phoshi Sep 5 '09 at 13:44
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Any DRM that there is in 7 has not affected me in one bit yet.

So many people said this about Vista, however I did not notice any problems. There was a huge bug in Vista with file copy speeds that people said was the DRM, however it was later fixed.

Using command prompt and doing copy was not affected so I don't think we will ever know if it was DRM or just bug.

Anyway, I was a happy Vista user and now I am a happy 7 user.

I know that there is DRM regarding HD disks and HDCP, however I do not use HD discs and unlike game/software DRM, I do not think that this is obtrusive - and it is as DRM should be, it just works without bugging the user.

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