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I've just bought a new motherboard with integrated Intel X4500 graphics (G41 chipset). My old graphics card was an NVidia 7600 GS. I was planning to use the X4500 and not reinstall the NVidia card, assuming performance is comparable or better. I haven't been able to find any benchmarks that compare these two cards though. Can anyone give me an indication of which performs better (just for general Win 7 desktop apps - I'm not playing any 3D games).

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(just for general Win 7 desktop apps - I'm not playing any 3D games).

Just for general purposes, both are equal, I doubt you will find much different. For video playback, again both are equals, with both providing support for Hardware acceleration for MPEG2.

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To answer my own question - here's my Windows 7 experience index ratings for the Intel X4500 (using 256Mb of system RAM):

  • Graphics: 4.1
  • 3D Graphics: 3.5

And the NVidia 7600 GS (with 256Mb onboard RAM):

  • Graphics: 4.3
  • 3D Graphics: 4.5
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