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Using SmartSVN on my Windows machine, it is not honoring my Windows font preferences (neither font size or font face). They should be doing something like:

void GetIconTitleFont(ref string fontName, ref int fontHeight)
    if (SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETICONTITLELOGFONT, SizeOf(logfont), logfontf, 0)
       fontName = lfFaceName;
       fontHeight = lfHeight;
        faceName = "Segoe UI";
        fontHeight = -9 * ScreenDpiY/96;

But instead the SmartSVN gui-font is hard-coded to a really really tiny font..

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I think you need to edit under your Application Data area (at least it is in Windows XP) and add the following two lines:

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i'm going to accept this answer without testing it. i gave up on SmartSVN because of the horrible UI. – Ian Boyd Mar 6 '11 at 1:53

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